Two-factor authentication

Project security system allows you to effectively protect your gaming account from hacking and frauds using two-factor authentication. All casino users can take advantage of this protection system and to enable it you do not have to receive any SMS

Protection is enabled and operates by means of one-time security codes that are generated by a mobile application or browser extension. Two-factor authentication is applied to all smartphones and personal computer operating systems.

Please note that we are not responsible for the funds in the gaming account if two-factor authentication is not activated.


  1. Make sure your smartphone camera works and you have installed an application that generates two-factor authentication codes. For example, Google Authenticator or Authy.

  2. Log in to the website.

  3. Go to the Two-Factor Authentication section.

  4. Click the "Enable two-factor authentication" button.

  5. Scan the QR code using the mobile application for two-factor authentication. These instructions apply to the Google Authenticator app.

  6. Enter the code generated by the application into the field under the QR code and click "Enable 2FA".

  7. If the procedure is successful, you'll get a notification. After that you can close the page. The "Cancel" button disables protection. To disable protection you have to enter the security code from the application.

Now, every time you log into your profile or game application, a one-time security code will be required along with a username and password. To get this code, launch the application that you used to connect the option and use the code that appears on the screen.

You have 30 seconds to enter the code. After that the application will generate a new code. Application and code generation work even without Internet connection.