Rewards Loyalty Program

A unique system for evaluating players' involvement at Pokerdom. What is it and how does it work?

Rewards is a new loyalty program in which Pokerdom rewards all its players for activity on the website. In fact, it is a User Uniqueness Rating, which will evaluate all activities on the website, starting from the number of Tournaments played and to the bets placed.

You receive Experience Points for each placed bet, which help you move up the Ranks and Levels Scale and, as a result, earn Prizes and Coins. Exchange your Coins for Biggy Banks and at the end of each Season you can participate in the Super Prize Raffle.

Play your favorite games, complete Missions, accumulate Experience Points, increase your Rank, and the patron of excitement will reward you!

Program Elements



Experience Scale

An item to display Experience Points

Experience points

They are credited for bets placed, where 1 ruble = 1 Experience Point

They fill up the Experience Scale and help you gain new Ranks and Levels


A prize for reaching Level and Rank, participation in Tournaments, and completing Missions

Piggy Banks

A Piggy Bank is a ticket to the Super Prize Raffle. 1 Piggy Bank = 300 Coins. Piggy Banks are converted automatically and are zeroed after the Super Prize of the Season is raffled


Is a multiplier of the Point Scoring rate by the value specified in the Booster. It increases the advancement speed of the Experience Scale and is given for reaching a new Rank, winning any Tournament, or completing some Missions


Reward for reaching a Level or a Rank. They differ depending on the Season or Event


Your personal rank as a unique player within the project


The player receives Prizes for completing a Level. Every 5 Levels builds up a Rank

Challenge of the Day

Consists of two Missions: a game and a deposit one, each of which has 5 levels of complexity. You can earn 1 star by completing each level


The Events of each Season are unique. By participating in the Season Events you have a chance to earn extra Coins and Prizes


By completing Missions you can earn extra Coins, Free spins, and other Prizes


The Rewards consist of 4 Seasons, each lasting 3 months. At the end of each Season the Super Prize is raffled and the Experience Scale is reset

Super Prize of a Season

It is a grand prize of each Season. It is raffled  among players who have at least 1 Piggy Bank. It may vary, depending on the Season

Experience Points and Experience Scale

Experience Points fill up the Experience Scale, helping you reach your goal and gaining new Levels and Ranks. They are credited for your bets, where the bet amount = the number of Points for the gained experience.

If you place a bet of e.g. 100 RUB, you will get 100 Experience Points to your Scale.

Experience Scale reflects your current status within the Scale. Keep track of your progress and don't trail far behind.

Some games may have limited or unavailable Experience Points. The 0.01 factor applies to all games in the Live Dealers, Tables and Quick Games categories.

To reach each new Rank, the corresponding number of Experience Points must be collected.









High Roller




Ranks and Levels

There are 5 Ranks in Rewards:

  • Fish

  • Regular

  • Rock

  • High Roller

  • Shark

Each Rank includes 5 Levels. As soon as you reach the required number of Experience Points, your Level will automatically increase. Earn Experience Points, move to a new Level, and receive Prizes and Coins. Pokerdom will reward you with a fixed number of Coins for reaching each Rank. The higher the Rank, the more valuable the Prizes! 

Thanks to the program, you can progress from Fish to Shark, the last of which is endless. You'll have the opportunity to pass the Levels several times and increase the number of Piggy Banks. That's why becoming a Shark is a privilege and a direct ticket to a generous reward at the end of the Season. Don't miss it!

Challenge of the Day

Every day, from 18:00 to 17:59, the Challenge of the Day is waiting for you. It consists of two Missions — a game mission and a deposit mission, each with 5 levels of complexity. By completing each level you can earn 1 star.

In the game Mission you have to meet the condition on the number of spins, and in the deposit mission – make a deposit of the amount specified in the conditions.

Your task is to collect stars and receive Prizes. The stars for each of the two Missions are added up, and the Prizes can be collected for any number of stars in the course of the day. 

Note: You may collect a Prize only once, after which the Challenge of the Day becomes unavailable until it is renewed.

Coins and Piggy Banks

Coins are a prize for reaching each new Level and granting a Rank, participating in Tournaments and completing Missions.

Every 300 Coins are automatically converted into a Piggy Bank.

A Piggy Bank is a ticket to the Super Prize Raffle, which takes place at the end of each Season. 

The more Piggy Banks you have, the higher your chance of winning the Super Prize in the raffle!


Speed up your Rewards journey with Boosters! They will multiply the Experience Points score by the value indicated in it. 

For example, having an x2 Booster, at a bet of 100 RUB, 200 Experience Points will be added to the Scale.

Note: Only 1 active Booster can be used at a time. If you want to activate a new Booster before the previous one expires ⎼ activation will occur with automatic substitution. Multipliers and terms of Boosters do not add up.

Find and complete special Missions, reach new Ranks, win Tournaments, and Pokerdom will reward you with Boosters!

In addition to the standard Boosters, there may also appear special ones: with a higher multiplier, timed to coincide with some Event. Don't miss out on catching those!

Boosters Features

Boosters differ in multipliers and duration. Several multiplier variations will be available for Rewards players:

  • х1.1

  • х1.2

  • х1.25

  • х1.3

  • х1.5

  • х2

The number of Boosters a player receives is unlimited, but they do have an expiration date:

  • 30 минут

  • 1 час

  • 2 часа

  • 5 часов

  • 12 часов


The more you play, the more Prizes you get. As you reach new Levels and Ranks, complete Events and Missions you receive Prizes ranging from free spins to real money. 

Progress along the Experience Scale and collect Rewards, which will vary depending on the Season or Event.


Thanks to thematic Events, your leisure time at Pokerdom will always be interesting and diverse. In addition, by participating in seasonal Events you have the chance to earn additional unique Prizes and Coins, increasing your chances of winning the Season's Super Prize!

Each Season Event is unique. For example: the Gambling Blizzard in the Winter Season. They are displayed in the Rewards section and can be played in any order.

Participate in Events to advance faster on the Experience Scale and gain new Ranks.


Each Event includes a variety of Missions to earn extra Coins, Free spins, and other Prizes.  

Enter Events, complete Missions, get your Rewards, and speed up to the Super Prize.


The Rewards Seasons correspond to the seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, each lasting 3 months.

At the end of each Season, we sum up the results, reset the Scale, "break" Piggy Banks, raffle off the Super Prize and many other nice gifts.

To participate in the Super Prize Raffle, you must collect a minimum of 1 Piggy Bank during the Season. 

All Piggy Banks received by Pokerdom players will be entered into the Super Prize Raffle. So, don't miss the start of the Season and try to collect as many Piggy Banks as you can to increase your chances of winning! 

This many Prizes in the amazing Rewards quest are only available to Pokerdom players.